Random music videos

Here’s some stuff I’m listening to at the moment. No particular reason and in no particular order, except it’s on my MP3 player.

Common Market are part of the Seattle hip hop underground. They’ve released two excellent albums, Common Market and Tobacco Road and an EP Black Patch War. The two members, RA Scion and Sabzi, are both Bahá’í and their music has strong spiritual and political themes.

RA Scion likes to publish and explain all his lyrics (in great detail) and you can see them at http://www.commonmarketmusic.com/index.php

The Undertones were, for me, a perfect pop band. Hard guitar sound, all songs played at a breakneck speed and insanely catchy melodies. Brilliant! A very old promotional video from their first single Teenage Kicks (John Peel’s all-time favourite song).

Actually, while I’m on the topic of perfect pop songs, what about the Only Ones’ Another Girl Another Planet?

Blink-182 did a pretty tepid cover of this and managed to leave out all the urgency the Only Ones had in the original. There’s a debate about the relative merits of the two versions on YouTube. And when I say “debate”, I mean exchanges that look like 12 year olds trading puerile insults.:(

I hadn’t heard of The National until a couple of weeks ago; they were another spontaneous purchase off Emusic.com. Very nice bit of “grown up” rock music. The drummer’s my favourite musician; slightly unconventional playing.

I guess I’m going through a bit of a nostalgia trip at the moment. I just scored a live album from one of my all-time favourite punk bands, Ruts, from a 1979 gig at the Marquee in London. Of course, this song’s on it.


3 thoughts on “Random music videos

  1. Iain, I enjoyed the Common Market , Only Ones, The National, and The Ruts videos. I don't remember ever having heard any of these. Thanks for sharing. :up: :heart: :angel:

  2. You're welcome. I just think it's so cool that there are millions of musicians around the world doing what they love and willing to share it with us.

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