Arresting newspaper headlines

I did a double take at the headline “‘I was waiting for a signal,’ says skydiver who forgot to pull the cord – and lived” in the Herald a couple of days ago, and checked out the original story in The Independent. It wasn’t as bad as the headline suggested, but the guy was extremely lucky to escape with a broken back, a punctured lung and several broken ribs after landing on snow covered rocks.

Then today I was staggered to see this headline, “Shoaib ruled out of Twenty20 with genital warts“. Pakistani bowler Shoaib Akhtar will miss next month’s World Twenty20 due to viral genital warts, according to the Pakistan Cricket Board. Imagine if your boss announced to the world that you were taking time off work, and gave that as the reason! Just imaging the barracking the guy’s going to get the next time he’s in Australia. They don’t take any prisoners over there!

But the story that takes the cake today is “Toddler buys $20,000 digger on TradeMe“. Three-yead-old Pipi Quinlan got up early one morning lately, turned on the computer, opened Mum’s TradeMe account (auction website, NZ equivalent of eBay), clicked “Buy Now” on the top auction on the page and bought a $20,000 Kobelco digger. Mum sorted it out, but the lesson is simple — log out when you leave a website, particularly one you can spend money on. :doh: This story’s going to go around the world, along with the one about the couple who have made off with the NZ$3.8 million accidentally deposited into their bank account. It now seems they have the woman’s seven year-old daughter with them and are somewhere in Asia — the trail has gone cold in Hong Kong.

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