Serendipity #1

We had one of those unexpected pleasures today, when Kate and I got to meet a really interesting person as the result of a mistaken identity. Kate had a phone call a couple of days ago from a well-known artist who lives in the Bay, who maintained she had spoken to Kate at the school gala a few weeks ago about promoting her work. Problem was, Kate could not remember talking to her, but assumed she had forgotten because it was a really busy day.

So when Pauline turned up, she was expecting someone else and realised that she had the wrong Kate! Once the embarrassed laughter died down, we could have sent her on her way but, being hospitable types, we decided to offer her a cup of tea. An hour and a half later — once we’d discussed the state of the local art scene, how difficult it was for artists to get into ‘good’ galleries, the importance of protecting the local landscape, and compared war stories about village politics — we parted with a warm feeling.

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