Back to school

No, not me! It’s very quiet in the house today — it’s the first day of school for our two sons. They have gone back to high school (college) after their six week summer holidays. They were not very keen. Even our daughter has gone out — to the gym. Yes, this is the girl who complains about having to walk five minutes to the local store to buy a bottle of milk, willingly doing exercise (other than dancing, which she loves).

Hopefully, we will have a better year than last year with our older son — he is not interested in school and did not pass all his subjects last year. So, he is having to repeat one subject, and is on probation for another two. Unfortunately, he does not think he is very intelligent, but we know that he is smart enough to do well at school — but he doesn’t believe us when we tell him that. :irked: Like a lot of boys (and men), he prefers to leave things to the last minute before finishing his homework and assignments. He prefers having a job and earning money to spend on games, but if he doesn’t do well, he will stay working as a waiter at the local restaurant and won’t be able to become the computer engineer he wants to be. Maybe he will grow up a bit and realise that this year. Here’s hoping.

Our younger son is quite different. He is very interested in lots of things and is easily bored if his school work is too easy, so he has made it into the top class in his year. Fortunately, so are most of his friends, so he doesn’t feel like a geeky loser. He and his friends are surprisingly competitive about their school work, but it’s all in good fun.

3 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Ditto. On the other hand, Kate ('er indoors), who is shamelessly overachieving girlie swot, doesn't understand it at all, so she finds it pretty frustrating.

  2. My missus is driven to distraction by the cavalier attitude to school as shown by my eldest, its like being in the middle of a starwars movie sometimes 😆

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